The thirst for quality and sustainable alternatives to conventional buildings has steadily increased in recent times, creating a strong notion that in the coming future most especially in Nigeria, temporary, movable and relocatable structures will become a more constant feature in our society.


A typical example of this type of structures are Porta Cabins. This use of this temporal facility cuts across different sectors and industries, but is most notably associated with construction companies. The benefits of porta cabin has been thoroughly explained in one of our articles, which enables you to have a better insight of what porta cabins has to offer. It is essential to note that porta cabin can also be adopted for the following purposes:


1) Temporary accommodation


2) Relocatable buildings


3) Industrial purposes


4) Permanent commercial buildings


5) Permanent residential accommodation



Easyporta Global Limited, has developed a magnificent portfolio in prefab cabins and portable building structures of high standard and quality for her clients in time past. Our vast experience and innovative creativity enables us to develop and deliver Porta Cabins structures which are  expertly constructed to independently contend with the adverse weather conditions and stressful logistics issues.

We manufacture and design porta cabins of different sizes and structures which can be used to serve any purpose you desire making us one of the reliable porta cabin builders that exists in Nigeria.


We derive so much joy in giving you outstanding quality. Therefore, if you desire to have a porta cabin structure for any purpose.

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