Tourism and hospitality have become a major sector in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria is possibly the most appealing market for retail property in Africa since it is the continent’s sixth-fastest expanding economy (according to IMF predictions for 2015-2019).

For several years, private equity firms have been active in Nigeria, although prices remain high. It has the third and fourth most expensive retail space markets in the world, with monthly rents of $80 per m2 in Lagos and $72 per m2 in Abuja. 

New buildings were temporarily halted before the election, but have now restarted, with prices not expected to fall considerably anytime soon, if not later, as Lagos’ population continues to expand at one of the fastest rates in Africa.

The region, therefore, proves to be a fertile ground for investment opportunities of all sorts with the right level of guidance and expertise. 

Real Estate stands to be one of the safest forms of financial investments to this day with less volatility than cryptocurrencies and stock portfolios.

We are providing potential investors an opportunity to invest in premium housing units with guaranteed returns plus interest on initial investment based on projected sales.

Our company’s reputation is unblemished with a range of previous clients from the likes of the U.S Consulate in Nigeria, Shell, Chevron, Toyota, and so on.

For all required paperwork, proof of credibility, and more, contact us now at 08023188356 or 09099993535 

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