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By Jide Allen

The need for a quick, smart and less stressful means to achieve results at construction sites cannot be over emphasized. Porta Cabin, which can also be described as removable buildings or portable cabins are creatively designed building structure orchestrated in a way to provide temporary solutions to be used as site offices or any other temporal facility near a site location. Porta cabin are constructed with steel and are reliable as traditional building structures.

Despite the temporal nature of Porta cabin, they are capable of possessing all the features and qualities that are known with traditional building structures. This type of building structure is deigned in such a way that it can be easily transported from one location or the other when the need arises.

porta cabin

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Below are some of the unique benefits associated with Porta cabin;

1) Affordability/Low Cost

Porta Cabins when compared to conventional building structures, offer cost effectiveness and high level of affordability. This is because, the cost attached with buying related materials needed for Porta cabin are most times gotten at low prices, which gives companies or individuals in need of it some financial breathing space.

2) Easily Modifiable

An exceptional benefit of Porta cabin is the ease at which this sort of structures can be easily assembled and disassembled to meet the desired demands that maybe be required. This sort of benefit is far-fetched with traditional permanent buildings.

3) Time Saving

It’s unarguable that the duration required in building permanent structures requires a whole lot of time. However, in comparison with Porta cabin, there’s a wide difference in timeframe. Since this type of structure comes with necessary facilities and the materials needed for it are effectively in place, a lot of time is been saved during construction process.

4) Occupies Less Space

The outlook and finished view of Porta Cabin signifies that often than not, it occupies less space, giving room for other sort of functions that requires more space to be carried out.

4) Easy To Move About

Another great benefit of Porta cabin is the ease attached with transporting and relocating it from one location to another. The light weighted materials used to construct this type of temporary structures, allows them to be moved about with less effort required.

5) Eco-Friendly

In this present age, a lot of attention is given to facilities that can be temporarily used and moved about, making it an attractive option in our ever growing business environments. Although Porta cabin are mostly associated with construction companies, it is now commonly adopted in other sectors and industries. The manner at which they are assembled and carefully constructed makes them adaptable to any weather or environmental conditions, making them a reliable option to conventional buildings.

Hopefully, the listed benefits of Porta cabin would enlighten you more on why it is needed as a reliable option to save you from spending more compared to conventional buildings when the needed arises for it.

At Easyporta Global Limited, we offer Porta Cabin that are of exceptional quality which are needed on construction sites or other off site ventures across different sectors.

Let’s help you construct a durable and beautiful Porta Cabin structure today.

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As part of our earnest desire to consistently deliver the best, Easyporta Global Limited has garnered credibility in becoming one of the most trusted metal and steel fabrication company in Nigeria.

Alongside other construction and civil works services rendered by the company, Easyporta has proven over the years to be a driving force in the metal and steel fabrication industry. Our expertise in comprehensive engineering works to fabrication construction, and erection of various types of steel structures gives us an edge over other competitors.


Our sophisticated workforce with years of experience are capable enough to handle any required type of project demanded in metal and steel fabrication, as a result of our professionalism, creativity and timelessness which has made our clients in recent years seemingly identify with us even until now.


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Join the list of clients who have benefited from our exceptional project execution in relation to metal and steel fabrication.

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Finding a reliable office fit out company in Nigeria  is a task that has been made easy by us, because our years of experience and expertise makes us qualified for such role.

In recent years, Easyporta Global Limited has effortlessly ensured that our quality in offering the best of refurbishment and office fit out project execution remains of premium standard.

Why You Need To Choose Us

With the constant change in trend of operation in today’s business world, office fit out often provides or more cost effective option when compared to other alternatives.

Our duty is to help reconfigure and maximize  every available space to match the demands of your business, which in turn enhances the performance level of your employees by creating a conducive working atmosphere.


There’s a lot of benefits that comes with office refurbishment. Hence, Easyporta Global Limited has crafted invaluable experience and professionalism in ensuring we become one of the most reliable and trusted companies within the office interiors industry in Nigeria.

From upgrading your office to embarking on refurbishment projects to rebranding your office look, we have a suitable team of dedicated professionals that can deliver a satisfactory and timely result irrespective of the size of project. We assist in helping you to redesign your office to portray the lasting impression and comfortable office environment you long for.


Searching for an Office fit out company today? Talk to Easyporta Global Limited, we have enough solutions to any of your problems.

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4 Beneficial Importance of Office Partitioning

By Jide Allen

Office partitioning is a pleasant approach adopted to provide solution to rigidity, overcrowding and conflicting work experience or duties in an office location.  It provides a flexible and unique form of expansion and division within the office work area, so that every department would have her own  confined suitable space to work with.

Office partitions are usually created from metal alloys, glass, and wood panels making them a suitable option to conventional concrete walls.

office partitioning

Below are 4 beneficial importance of office partitioning;

  • Attractive Aesthetics – The available styles and materials office partitions afford, contributes immensely to a desirable attractive working environment. Opting for any style of office partitioning enables you to be creative in adding more features that could provide for an attractive and appealing office work area.


  • High Level of Privacy – Office partitioning systems has a huge impact in drastically reducing the level of noise that goes around in the office, enabling staffs to consistently focus on their task without irrelevant distractions. It enables staffs across different departments have their own privacy especially for meetings or discussions, which allows them to feel more relaxed and secure in their work environment.


  • Flexibility – One great benefit of office partitioning is flexibility. The ability to rearrange, remove and relocate when the need arises, is an added advantage for an office work area especially when the need for expansion arises.


  • Less Costly – irrespective of the type of office partitioning system that is adopted, it is far less cheaper and cost effective when compared to building conventional brick and concrete walls.


The highlighted importance of the benefits of office partitioning are the positive experience garnered when opting to select for office partitions. Let us know of any other beneficial importance of office partitioning you’re aware of, in the comment section below.


Easyporta Global Limited has established a unique portfolio in creating unique office partitioning systems for her clients.  Click here to request a Quote.


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If you fall under the bracket of those who are earnestly searching for trusted and professional container builders in Nigeria, then am glad to announce to you that your long  search is over because you’re definitely at the right place.

Easyporta Global Limited has over the years developed a magnificent profile in the area of shipping containers, container conversion, and building containers with strategic planning and affordable budget for her clients. Our major focus has always been centered on building long-lasting relationship by consistently delivering world class performance.

Do you still doubt the uniqueness of living in buildings erected with shipping containers? We’ve highlighted in our recent articles the benefit of building with shipping containers and not forgetting important factors you must consider before settling for shipping containers structures.

shipping containers


Shipping Container Cost.

The price range for building with shipping containers significantly vary and is dependent on the sizes of containers and condition of the containers selected. The most common sizes for shipping containers are 20 – foot or 40 – foot. Some of the cost to cover while building with shipping containers include any of the following:

  • Foundation Costs which comprises of either; Pier foundation, Strip (Trench foundation or Slab foundation depending on the different factors that will demand any of the mentioned foundations to be adopted.




  • External Cladding Cost


  • Insulation Cost


  • Logistics Cost


  • Labour Cost – which includes expenses to cover the use of architects , carpenters, plumbers, structural engineer, electricians, welders/fabricators etc.





It is important to note that giving your container projects to professional container builders will save you a lot of headache and stress that comes along with building container structures that you’d be satisfied with. Containers can be converted for any specific purpose that is desired. Hence, we at Easyporta Global Limited have created a perfect strategic framework to ease you of any burden.

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Are you interested in building with shipping containers or you simply want to buy used containers to ease you of some financial burden?

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By Jide Allen

One of the most prominent demand of people living in Nigeria is having absolute comfort in every aspect of life. Sometimes this wish might seem impossible, but there is always a way out if we’re more open minded to finding solutions that would give us the imaginary comfort we desire.

One aspect of life comfort is adequately required, are buildings and structures that make us feel at ease when we find ourselves in the confinement of structures made with concrete, cement and stones. Nobody wants to be within the four walls of a building that offers zero comfort and  non-appealing outlook.


Photo by Unsplash

It is for the sole reason of finding creative solutions to the traditional way of building structures for different purposes, the architectural world have devised a way to ensure there are better alternatives to the conventional building structures we’re used to. One of this enviable alternative is the use of steel or shipping containers to build amazing structure to serve different purposes without neglecting the goal of comfortability.

Shipping containers are generally manufactured from high tensile Corten (anti-corrosion) steel, which makes them durable and capable of overcoming adverse conditions. Hence, the purpose of this article is to reveal to you benefits of building with shipping containers in Nigeria.

1) Mobility: Shipping containers offer the irresistible option of mobility which you can hardly come across with traditional building structures. Imagine you have the luxury of moving your apartment or location from one place to another to suit your comfort; Extraordinary right? This benefit puts you in a better stead to move container structures to designated location of your choice at any point in time.

2) Affordability: Another massive advantage of building with shipping containers is the affordable cost attached with it compared to traditional building materials. Shipping containers provide the luxury that comes with structures built with concrete, which gives you the opportunity to save more cash and embark on other activities e.g; Exterior and interior design upgrades on your container structure without having to break the bank compared with traditional building.

3) Speedy Construction: This is one of the outstanding benefits of building with shipping containers. Building traditional structures for whatever purpose can take minimum of four months to twelve months above before complete construction is well executed. However, building with shipping containers can be done within two months or less, depending on the complexity of the project. This reason for this is because there are lesser materials needed for construction purpose compared to traditional built structures.

Immediately the shipping containers are ordered and brought to your designated location,  the process of construction has an headway already. That is why companies in Nigeria have begun to adopt this style of building with shipping containers because they can be completed within a short time frame and used effectively in any designated environment.

4) Flexibility: One big benefit of building structures with shipping containers is the flexibility that comes with construction task. There’s an added advantage of converting containers to any of your desired specification on any site location and thereafter, transport them to your designated location once the fabrication and modification process has been duly completed. The flexibility of building with containers also enables you to have structures thrive in remote places where traditional concrete structures would not be advisable.

5) Solidity and Toughness: Another notable benefit of building with shipping containers is the solidity and toughness it offers that makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions. They are more than strong enough to carry out any function that is required. However, regular maintenance is needed to prevent them from rusting.

Furthermore, shipping containers can be built and converted for the following purpose;

  • Shop
  • Offices
  • Residential homes
  • Coffee Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Toilet block
  • Classrooms
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Studio room
  • Gym
  • Eco-home
  • Mobile accommodation


Our aim with this article is to bring you up to speed with the awesome benefits that comes with going creative in using shipping containers to design construct any structure needed for any purpose.

However, this article does not in anyway disregard the amazing advantage that comes with building structures with regular concrete and bricks we’re used to. But points out other ways we could achieve comfortability we so crave for.

Would you be interested in building with shipping containers? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

We at Easyporta Global Limited have built a substantial reputation in shipping and building container projects to meet the standard of our clients. Therefore, if you’re considering shipping containers or building a container home for yourself simply contact us below.




By Jide Allen

One of the most confronting challenges  experienced by Nigerians, is the issue of accommodation in the country. Over the years, this major challenge has denied many individuals from living in their comfort zone or dream home as they would wish for, either because of money issues, or the stress associated with owning a house in Nigeria.

One of the modern solution that has been identified to reduce the problem of accommodation in the country is the adaptation of shipping container homes in Nigeria. This architectural trend is yet to be fully recognized my most people living in the country. Hence, the purpose of this write-up is to enlighten Nigerians the pro’s and con’s that accompanies shipping container housing in the country. Below are 9 important factors you must note about shipping container housing;

1) Cost Factor: The pricing for shipping containers, is an important factor that must be put into consideration while deciding to opt in for container homes. Most individuals in the country are often discouraged by the cost that comes with containers, but this should not be an obstacle considering the logistics attached. The average costs for containers are:

 20ft (6m) – N550,000

40ft (12m) – N650, 000

The above estimated cost includes further logistics e.g transportation to designated location.

2) Specifications of Container: The desired dimension of containers may vary, but the average specification of containers to be considered ranges between;

Length – 6m (20 foot) or 12m (40 foot)

Height – 2.5m

Width – 2.4m

Shipping container

Photo by Unsplash


3) Duration of Construction: The timeframe attached with the completion of shipping containers is not specific. This is as a result of differences in the size and complexity of the project to be embarked on. But the average duration falls between weeks  or months depending on the nature of the project. Also note that shipping containers could be constructed on the designated site or off site if there’s  shortage of space in which they can be later moved to the desired location with a truck.

4) Safety and Security: Another factor to be considered is the security that comes with shipping containers. In Nigeria safety and security is an important priority for her citizens due to the shortcomings experienced overtime in this area. Thus the designed structure of containers which comes with strong and robust parts and surfaces enables it to be exposed to regular rough handling. Therefore, it can’t be easily broken into with ease. This would go a long way in easing off security fears and enable anyone go about his or her normal activity as carried out in a concrete designed structure.

5) Structural Longevity And Life Span: One of the frequently asked questions about container homes, is how long can it last? The sincere answer to this is simply as long as possible with proper maintenance. This type of structure mostly originate from Corten steel which are stronger than traditional steel which is less prone to corrosion. Container structures are more potent and stronger than wooden, concrete and the average regular steel buildings. Irrespective of how they are built, they offer strong resistance to any sort of Natural disaster which enables it longevity.

6) Exterior and Interior Design: Considering the visible difference between container structures and the traditional concrete structures, on tends to wonder if the exterior and interior view of a container home can look appealing to the eyes. Definitely, it is possible to actualise any kind of design you envisage with a concrete structure to be done with a home structure made with containers. This is what makes shipping container housing special in it’s kind, it gives room for enough creativity and innovative design that would surely make your home stand out and look attractive like the conventional structures made with concrete and blocks.

7) Comfortability and Temperature: Many tend to wonder if shipping container homes can give the comfort one desires. This is absolutely possible, considering the fact that shipping containers are made from metals which are good conductors of heat. Furthermore, containers have to be carefully and properly insulated in other to regulate temperature during rainy and dry season.

8) Regulations Governing Container Housing: Due to the slow adoption of container homes in Nigeria, most States   are  yet to come up with substantial regulations that would govern shipping container housing in the country. However, it is advisable to secure permits to guarantee the establishment of your container home, to avoid unnecessary issues in the future when laws would have been fully put in place to govern this method of housing in the country.

9) Companies Who Specialize in Container Housing: It is expedient that as you imagine and determined to have a container home structure of your own, the professional requirements and standard associated with building this kind of structures are given to recognized and ideal professionals in this field. There are several companies who are involved in shipping containers activities and as such finding the perfect one to actualise your dream home can not be negotiated.

The above factors highlighted above, are few out of many to be adequately considering while deciding to possess or own a container home.

We at Easyporta Global Limited have built a substantial reputation in shipping and building container projects to meet the standard of our clients.

Therefore, if you’re considering shipping containers or building a container home for yourself simply contact us below.