Container homes are a very smart and savvy alternative to paying rent for a shop in a costly location like Lekki, or buying a two-room home in a highbrow area like Ikoyi.

In this article, we will share what you need to know to become your own property owner in 2022. But first you need to know the pros and cons, right?

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Shipping Container Home?

A shipping container home or portacabin is a livable space produced from cargo containers—huge reusable multi-purpose compartments used in transporting merchandise by sea. Shipping containers are often in two sizes: 20 feet by 8 feet or 40 feet by 8 feet.

The 20-foot types are 160 square feet, while the 40-foot containers offer 320 square feet of living space. You can convert these containers to a residential home, office space, or for business. Workstations, salons, kiosks, bars, gyms, or cafes are a few small businesses that would thrive in a container structure. For a larger space, you can join various containers together. Portacabin homes are minimalistic and gaining popularity as potential homeowners search for cheaper options of owning houses of their own.

What Are the Advantages of Shipping Container Homes?

Container homes are tough, practical, and adjustable

  • They can be cheaper than the traditional: A portacabin can cost as low as ₦4,500,000. They are more practical than ordinary buildings since they require less building materials and work to build. You can bring down the expense of renovating your shipping container by remodeling the abode with simple DIY abilities.

  • They’re fast to develop: A few project workers can assemble a livable porta cabin home in less than a month. Notwithstanding, getting an interior decorator can be expensive. To avoid heavy costs, you can buy a pre-fabricated container from us or any steel construction companies in Lagos with experience in prefab homes.

  • They’re adjustable: shipping homes are not difficult to change. You can fabricate one with a blend of 20 and 40-foot containers. You can likewise combine various containers to make a bigger home with a lounge, balcony, additional rooms, an upper floor, or even an additional guesthouse.

  • They’re strong: Makers of containers use corten steel to construct containers. This self-mending steel secures freight during transport across the sea. Shipping container are made of enduring steel and can certainly endure harsh climate conditions better than traditional buildings.

  • They can be versatile: You can call on any shipping container sales company to help move your mobile structure anywhere on the planet.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Shipping Container Home

Here are a few hints to set you up for buying your first portacabin.

  • Be ready for the expenses: a lot of people start portacabin building projects thinking it will be so cheap. Without proper planning, quality portacabin homes can cost as much as a regular building. Reconsider your spending budget before you start the project. If you need professional advice on cost, you can chat with one of our technical advisers now.
  • Contact your town-planning office: While normal buildings have plans and building guidelines, your local government might not have standard guidelines for portacabins. Contact the town-planning office and ask what the rules are concerning where you want to put your structure. What you find out may help you plan better.

  • Plan for adequate natural lighting: shipping containers builders don’t approach light and ventilation the same way they do for regular buildings. When drawing your floor plan, consider glass partitions to make your space look brilliant and open. Assuming the space is quite small, consider buying a high-block container.

  • Assess your container before buying: Similarly as with any expensive buy, you must see your container first before you get it. Search for gouges, rusting on the outside, and holes, which can be costly to fix during development.

  • Note the limits: Please ask and make sure you understand the limits of the construction prior to making a buy.

If you, your friends or partners need a high-quality portacabin for residential purposes or for businesses such as a shop, bar, cafe, boutique, salon, office, or kiosk in areas around Ikoyi, Lekki, Gbagada GRA, Magodo GRA, Ikeja, Victoria Island or anywhere else in Lagos state, Port Harcourt or Abuja, then you should contact us and we will draw you a bespoke plan that suits your need.