Many offices don’t have enough space to accommodate all their employees. With a lack of space, employees are stuck in the same area together and cannot easily separate themselves from their coworkers. Employees who are not able to find seats, especially in open-plan offices, are quickly becoming the norm. Even desks are scarce! With our offices growing more and more congested with each passing year, it’s important that we employ every measure possible to maximize the effectiveness of our design. Glass partitions can help solve this issue. They offer a way to give your office more room without having to move the building!

Here are 6 ways glass partitions will increase your office space.

Increase Office Space

Glass Partitions are becoming a trend in offices and other workplaces as they have a sleek and more modern look. They are also popularly used by businesses who want to make the office space look bigger.
The importance of glass partitions in offices is undeniable. You can see them in contemporary buildings where the entire space is divided into enclosures, thanks to this transparent material.
With the help of these glass partitions, it’s easier for the employees to keep an eye on each other and remain in touch even if they don’t work in the same room. Full visibility is always important for collaboration, especially for teams that work on projects that are subject to strict deadlines.
Partitions with glass create a great aesthetic appeal, allowing you to see inside from outside, but making it impossible to look outside from inside.

Reduce Noise

Partitioning is proving very useful in homes and offices because they not only cut down the noise but also keep things private. Glass partitioning also helps to separate a space without a wall so that you do not need to close off rooms. This, in turn, reduces noise and distractions, whether installed at home or in an office space.
Glass partitioning can be used to separate private and meeting areas from open-plan working areas or for breakout spaces for meetings. Many times, offices need to upgrade their architecture but the budget does not suffice for a full renovation. Glass partitioning will provide an elegant solution that updates the building design and offers an aesthetically pleasing view of the office space as well as reducing noise. This can be essential for any household that has children. They might not understand why they can’t play with their toys in the kitchen or why they can’t bother you when you are busy at work or on the phone. With glass partitioning, you can create a space where they can do those things without disturbing you too.

Improve the Quality of Natural Light

One of our experts at Easyporta Global, Joseph, was recently installing glass partitioning in a house when he noticed that the natural light improved dramatically.
What I found was that there were two rooms about 16 by 9 that were being used as a dining room and a laundry,” says Joseph, “I did some re-modeling and installed the glass screens and then ended up dividing the space in half again with a new wall.”
Within a week after the installation of the partitioning, the owners of the house commented that they hadn’t realized how cold they had been at night. With the new glass panels installed they now had access to sunlight and heat during the day, and at night, when it was cooler, they had access to moonlight and starlight as it shone through the glass.

Boost Productivity

An office environment is a place where important work gets done and results are delivered. Employees must feel free to express themselves and have an element of privacy in order to be productive. One of the most effective ways to achieve efficiency, without hiring too many people, is by using custom glass partitioning.
If you are working in a business and need to reduce the amount of outside noise that comes in. Then installing glass partitions is a great way to do this. With the glass partitions, you can add an extra layer of protection that can help keep out unwanted sounds and distractions. This will allow staff to focus on what they are doing and be more productive.

Improve Corporate Image

There are many factors a business owner needs to consider while setting up a new office or renovating the old one. These factors are floor plan, design and layout, furniture, electricity, and building structure. Today, partitioning is a major factor that affects the overall look and feel of your office. A well-designed and constructed glass balustrade can make a company look more modern, and it can also make things look more expensive than they actually are. It could even lift the status of the business to an entirely new level.
A good design could make a great deal of difference in the corporate image of a company. Even with the fast-paced business times, it can go a long way to give you that extra edge in the market.

Improve Employee Morale

When it comes to improving employee morale, most companies focus on investing in the latest technology, top-of-the-line equipment and ambiance. One of the best investments any company can make is in making their workforce happy. After Easyporta installed partitioned the walls of an office this January, an excited visitor to the firm could be heard saying “Your lobby is such an invigorating and relaxing place for customers. I am sure your employees enjoy the space too.” She was referring to the newly finished walls enclosing the lobby where people in the company could relax or have a private conversation.
The office was a cozy place. There was a big LCD TV and a sofa on one of the walls, and a waterfall fountain on another. The sound of the flowing water would soothe people’s ears and ease their tension“, she said. “Also, I can see through the glass into some of the offices that are decorated with plants. The ambiance looks really fresh and gives a favorable impression to guests who wait for their turn.”


In summary, partitioning has become popular in the world of interior decoration for five reasons:

  • First, a partition system makes it possible to create a maximum amount of natural light. In addition, it is possible to create privacy, as every glass panel can be tilted.
  • Secondly, glass partitioning systems has a long lifespan. Moreover, they make the home look modern and give it the option of being opened up to the surrounding environment, which increases the living space of the house.
  • Thirdly, because they are easy to clean and maintain and have thermal insulation properties, glass partitioning systems save you time and money, while improving their initial aesthetic appeal throughout the years.
  • Fourthly, glass partitioning systems do not require additional elements to offer maximum stability.
  • Finally, when creating partitions using glass you can opt for safety and security elements that will prevent any incidents.

There are many companies that offer custom-designed glass partitioning services, but you do want to be sure that you find a company that is capable of doing the work to your standard. At Easyporta Global Limited, we have a team of experts who ensures that the partitioning system is manufactured accurately in line with your needs and wishes. We have a variety of design styles to choose from and we can also customize our designs as per your specifications.

The partitioning services offered by Easyporta is a sure winner in the aspect of aesthetics as it has been designed to complement the decor of a given space. Glass partitioning offered by Easyporta is best made out of tempered glass and steel to keep it sturdy, without corroding or rusting. The raw materials are sourced from a number of sources and then they are handled with utmost care so as to provide a product that meets the set industry standards.