If you fall under the bracket of those who are earnestly searching for trusted and professional container builders in Nigeria, then am glad to announce to you that your long  search is over because you’re definitely at the right place.

Easyporta Global Limited has over the years developed a magnificent profile in the area of shipping containers, container conversion, and building containers with strategic planning and affordable budget for her clients. Our major focus has always been centered on building long-lasting relationship by consistently delivering world class performance.

Do you still doubt the uniqueness of living in buildings erected with shipping containers? We’ve highlighted in our recent articles the benefit of building with shipping containers and not forgetting important factors you must consider before settling for shipping containers structures.

shipping containers


Shipping Container Cost.

The price range for building with shipping containers significantly vary and is dependent on the sizes of containers and condition of the containers selected. The most common sizes for shipping containers are 20 – foot or 40 – foot. Some of the cost to cover while building with shipping containers include any of the following:

  • Foundation Costs which comprises of either; Pier foundation, Strip (Trench foundation or Slab foundation depending on the different factors that will demand any of the mentioned foundations to be adopted.




  • External Cladding Cost


  • Insulation Cost


  • Logistics Cost


  • Labour Cost – which includes expenses to cover the use of architects , carpenters, plumbers, structural engineer, electricians, welders/fabricators etc.





It is important to note that giving your container projects to professional container builders will save you a lot of headache and stress that comes along with building container structures that you’d be satisfied with. Containers can be converted for any specific purpose that is desired. Hence, we at Easyporta Global Limited have created a perfect strategic framework to ease you of any burden.

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