By Jide Allen

One of the most prominent demand of people living in Nigeria is having absolute comfort in every aspect of life. Sometimes this wish might seem impossible, but there is always a way out if we’re more open minded to finding solutions that would give us the imaginary comfort we desire.

One aspect of life comfort is adequately required, are buildings and structures that make us feel at ease when we find ourselves in the confinement of structures made with concrete, cement and stones. Nobody wants to be within the four walls of a building that offers zero comfort and  non-appealing outlook.


Photo by Unsplash

It is for the sole reason of finding creative solutions to the traditional way of building structures for different purposes, the architectural world have devised a way to ensure there are better alternatives to the conventional building structures we’re used to. One of this enviable alternative is the use of steel or shipping containers to build amazing structure to serve different purposes without neglecting the goal of comfortability.

Shipping containers are generally manufactured from high tensile Corten (anti-corrosion) steel, which makes them durable and capable of overcoming adverse conditions. Hence, the purpose of this article is to reveal to you benefits of building with shipping containers in Nigeria.

1) Mobility: Shipping containers offer the irresistible option of mobility which you can hardly come across with traditional building structures. Imagine you have the luxury of moving your apartment or location from one place to another to suit your comfort; Extraordinary right? This benefit puts you in a better stead to move container structures to designated location of your choice at any point in time.

2) Affordability: Another massive advantage of building with shipping containers is the affordable cost attached with it compared to traditional building materials. Shipping containers provide the luxury that comes with structures built with concrete, which gives you the opportunity to save more cash and embark on other activities e.g; Exterior and interior design upgrades on your container structure without having to break the bank compared with traditional building.

3) Speedy Construction: This is one of the outstanding benefits of building with shipping containers. Building traditional structures for whatever purpose can take minimum of four months to twelve months above before complete construction is well executed. However, building with shipping containers can be done within two months or less, depending on the complexity of the project. This reason for this is because there are lesser materials needed for construction purpose compared to traditional built structures.

Immediately the shipping containers are ordered and brought to your designated location,  the process of construction has an headway already. That is why companies in Nigeria have begun to adopt this style of building with shipping containers because they can be completed within a short time frame and used effectively in any designated environment.

4) Flexibility: One big benefit of building structures with shipping containers is the flexibility that comes with construction task. There’s an added advantage of converting containers to any of your desired specification on any site location and thereafter, transport them to your designated location once the fabrication and modification process has been duly completed. The flexibility of building with containers also enables you to have structures thrive in remote places where traditional concrete structures would not be advisable.

5) Solidity and Toughness: Another notable benefit of building with shipping containers is the solidity and toughness it offers that makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions. They are more than strong enough to carry out any function that is required. However, regular maintenance is needed to prevent them from rusting.

Furthermore, shipping containers can be built and converted for the following purpose;

  • Shop
  • Offices
  • Residential homes
  • Coffee Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Toilet block
  • Classrooms
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Studio room
  • Gym
  • Eco-home
  • Mobile accommodation


Our aim with this article is to bring you up to speed with the awesome benefits that comes with going creative in using shipping containers to design construct any structure needed for any purpose.

However, this article does not in anyway disregard the amazing advantage that comes with building structures with regular concrete and bricks we’re used to. But points out other ways we could achieve comfortability we so crave for.

Would you be interested in building with shipping containers? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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